5 Digital Marketing Basics You Should Know in 2019

Digital marketing consists of a lot of strategies. In fact, it’s a holistic approach to do different types of marketing activities across different online platforms. These methods get upgraded on a regular basis as new technologies emerge across the globe. Therefore, digital marketing has grown significantly over the past few years. If you are new to this field, you may want to read the basics of digital marketing explained below.

1. Invest in machine Learning and Artificial intelligence (AI)

First of all, the artificial intelligence (AI) will be quite popular in the coming years. Machine learning is another important part of digital marketing.

In the near future, social media bots will play a great role as far as connecting with potential customers is concerned. So, you may want to give more importance to social media if you want to communicate with your customers in an effective manner. According to experts, about 85% of customers will interact with bots to get the information they need.

2. Share your videos on Social Media

In 2019, make sure you share your business videos across different social media platforms. Unlike the images or written content, a good video is more effective as far as grabbing the eyes of the visitors is concerned. This is really important if you are going to market on the leading platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

According to the latest research, 80% of people like to watch videos on the internet. They don’t want to read articles or blog posts that much.

3. Optimize your sites for Mobile Devices

In 2019, your marketing strategies should be focused on mobile technology as well. According to the latest Google algorithm, your site should be optimized for mobile phones or you may get a penalty from Google.

Nowadays, mobile phones are one of the most popular devices across the globe. The new year will grow the mobile video consumption by up to 30%. On the other hand, the demand for desktop computers and laptops will continue to decline.

4. Consider Mobile apps

In the world of digital marketing, mobile technology is the latest innovation. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most effective digital marketing tools in the here and now.

With the help of this cellular technology, you can compete with your competitors to stay ahead in the field. Without any doubt, if you have a mobile responsive website, you can grow your business to a large extent.

So, you may want to tap into the mobile apps as well. One such app is Whatsapp business. According to a source, mobile apps have generated $88 billion, give or take, in recent years.

5. Focus on the Customer Experience

For your business, customers play the same role your blood plays in your body. Therefore, it’s important that you work on the consumer experience. This will help you increase your sales over time.

If your customers are satisfied with your products or service, they will keep coming back for more.

So, these are the tips that you may want to consider to improve your digital marketing campaigns in 2019.

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Transitional Style Interiors – Sophisticated Mogul

Transitional interiors have the best of both worlds: traditional and contemporary.Staying within the familiar realm of tradition but making it perky with fresh new ideas. Traditional architecture and designs carry a beautiful appeal and when freshened up they stand out as even more classic. An updated historic home carries its character yet the contemporary furnishings give it a modern edge.

Taking inspiration from the past, it’s really about the antique architectural design, the veranda arches and vintage doors with beautiful carved authentic detail. Hand crafted in dark woods the patina plays perfectly with neutral walls where you can display contemporary art. Pale blue carved armoires, green floral wardrobe cabinets, muted red chests seep colors into the interiors. Bring tone-on-tone furniture and furnishings like the oxidized wood accent cabinets or the aged white console, playing down the dramatic angle.

Burnished brass with soft, warm undertones accents the wood patinas of the cabinets. A huge floor mirror made from an old architectural door frame gives a focal point to the living room.Crystal chandeliers complement traditional elegance nicely.Symmetry is essential to keep the room balanced and in harmony. The huge TV screen is balanced with 2 arches on either side that have been converted into bookshelves. Damask fabric on the sofa adds punch without making it too contemporary. Extravagant silhouettes, traditional weave fabrics and embellished textiles draw attention to the walls. Carved wall panels of the Tree of Life accented by simple straight drapes that just skim the floor, clean and neat lines, too much fabric gives an untidy effect.

Globally inspired carvings and sculptures collected by you on your travels are displayed on the walls with accent lighting that focuses on their unique artistic detail. Broad leaf ferns and green foliage play beautifully with the dark patina wood and the neutral walls.The vintage whitewashed screen with iron work adds interest to the simply furnished living room. The turquoise blue coffee table adds a pop of color, muted yet brings the room alive. Vivid textures and weaves of handloom cottons throws add interest while keeping the contemporary style.

The bedroom with a simple upholstered bed has a unique hand crafted armoire with beautiful crown molding and muted patina, perfectly in balance with the vintage media console. A few select pieces give a room a feel of refined elegance.Harmony and balancing traditional design with modern style, interiors that are focused on comfort and style, transitional interiors carry a classic ambiance of sophisticated elegance.

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The Internet Lifestyle For College Students

The reality that most college students are facing when they graduate from school are either.


They will not be able to find a job.


If they do find a job, it won’t be the one that they want to work at.

Which is why starting an internet business in their dorm room and working on it around their schedule is the best option for them.

Many go out and do part-time work, but that is really a waste of time.

Students would better off using that same amount of time to working on an internet business that will start bringing them in passive income.

There are 2 types of income that you can earn.

Active income- the amount you are paid for by the hour for being there.

Passive Income- money coming to you, whether or not you working or not!!

See the difference?

Your main goal in your career is to set up a business that allows you to earn MASSIVE passive income daily!!

This what the schools aren’t teaching their students and it is a huge problem in our society.

Okay, now that you understand the difference between active and passive income.

Here are the 4 steps to starting your online business from your dormitory and living the internet lifestyle.

1). Target a market or niche.

2). Set-up a 1-page opt-in site.

3). Drive a lot of traffic to that site.

4). Monetize that traffic.

This is an outline of what your internet business should look like.

Now, let go little more into details here about each step.

Targeting a niche.

Do your research and find out what type of problems your classmates are facing in school or look to find a product or market that is being underserved.

Once you find it.

Go get a product or service that can solve that problem.

It’s really that simple.

Also, make sure that the market you choose is full of hungry prospects.

Because the market will always determine the niche that you choose.

After you find your affiliate product.

Buy a domain name and set up a 1-page site.

You will need to write up a short 12-page report that you give away to people who opt-in to your newsletter.

Your report must be of value to your prospect, because you want to build trust with them.

Next, do videos to drive traffic to your site.

I would interview experts and then link your site in the resource box.

Start a Facebook group as well.

Write a few articles or share some in your newsletter.

The next thing is to start making money from all your previous efforts.

You should have already signed up with a ClickBank/Commission Junction and any other affiliates.

It’s free too, so don’t worry about that.

I like to contact companies who don’t have an affiliate program and then help them create one and create a distribution channel from it.

Look, this is just an outline that any college student can use.

Keep in mind too.

This only cost you about 30$ to start and you can use that money bootstrap your way from there.


Get started today on doing your market research and find a hungry market and then follow the steps I gave you here in this article!

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5 Smooth Techniques To Land Your First Side Hustle Patron

Landing your first patron can also sound like an exceedingly tough element to do at first. However, if you paintings on developing your capabilities and discover ways to gift yourself as a person who can add fee to other human beings organizations, then you definitely be able to get the ball rolling for your facet hustle!

So, here are 5 clean techniques you may comply with to get your first-ever paying client:

1. Allow your friends know

Don’t be shy. Your actual pals could be glad that will help you out, and in the event that they believe in you and your competencies, they’ll be glad to unfold the phrase approximately you. In case you’ve were given well-related buddies, ask for help. They’ll be capable of connect you along with your first consumer!

2. Placed out flyers to your community

Yes, this technique nevertheless works. And this is mainly useful in case you’re servicing a neighborhood location. For example, if you’re offering canine walking services, you could put out flyers for your neighborhood. Search for community boards. And don’t forget about to place your name and wide variety in your flyer!

3. Market it on social media

Whilst marketing on social media can fee you a quite penny, it’s going to be worth it if you fee top greenback on your offerings. And what’s sincerely awesome about social classified ads is you could drill down into your target market. You’re no longer restrained to focused on humans to your place. In reality, you can target pretty much anybody in the world who’s got an account at that particular social platform!

4. Begin a blog

Blogging is a great way to exhibit your know-how. Potential customers can without difficulty see if you’re really worth the fee you’re quoting. Further to the usage of your blog as a platform to draw customers, you could additionally monetize it any number of methods. For starters, you could advise merchandise you’re affiliated with for your weblog. Any time someone buys through your associate hyperlink, you get a nice fee!

5. Have your very own business card

When you have your own commercial enterprise card, you make your business look valid and now not just a few fly-via-night time carrier. Attend meetings and seminars and community with human beings in your enterprise. Make certain you distribute your business card so people can effortlessly get in touch with you ought to they need your help!

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The Do – It – Yourself, Possibilities, For Home Improvement

Some homeowners have greater building skills, expertise, abilities, and/ or, training than others, so, what one individual, may be able to personally do, another will probably have to hire, someone else, to take care of. Obviously, individuals, who can perform these actions, properly, by themselves, generally, will significantly reduce their costs of maintaining their house. This article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the do – it – yourself (DIY), projects, which those, without special skills, and/ or, expertise, might be able to perform, themselves.
1. Small painting projects: While many, will not have the skills, and/ or, confidence, necessary, to paint an entire house, especially, certain interior areas, as well as exterior challenges, most are capable of addressing smaller, limited projects. One possibility is taking care of doors, in need of addressing, both inside, and exterior. When this is done, the key is taking one’s time, and not taking any short – cuts, etc. Before beginning, go into a quality, paint store, and ask, what supplies, are recommended, including, drop – cloths, painters tape, primer, and the right paint, for the specific job. Tape any area, which might get messy, use a drop – cloth, and, carefully, proceed. Ask for paint samples, so you can see, how a particular color, might, work, in a specific location. If you avoid rushing, and proceed, with care, you can do this!
2. Clean – ups: If you are willing, you can take care of most of the clean – ups, and maintenance, which are needed, within a house. You must be willing to get your hands dirty, but, doing it, yourself, will save lots of money.
3. Areas of interest: Peruse a bookstore, or the Internet, and pay attention, to the many, Do It Yourself, or D.I.Y., possibilities. Some may not be for you, while others, when you follow instructions, may, be, within your abilities. Always start, with smaller jobs, and, when you gain ability, proficiency, and skills, you can, perhaps, proceed, to greater challenges.
4. D.I.Y. saves money: If you can do it, yourself, and do not need, to hire, someone else, it will almost always, save you money. However, don’t do more dangerous, things, which need further training, such as electrical and plumbing! While most, can, change a light bulb, that’s far different from, rewiring, and other electrical jobs.
Learn about the possibilities of items, which you might learn, to be able to do it, yourself, rather than needing to hire someone, for even, the smallest jobs. If this interests you, it, might become fun, and, also, save you money.

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What to Do When Your Goals Progess Is Slow

Good Goals are ones that take a little time and effort, sometimes a lot, to do. If our Goals are too easy, why bother, right? You can just put them on your to-do list and not go through all the fuss of the Goal-Setting process. Big Goals, or at least Goals that take time, effort and planning, are how we grow and stretch our selves and our abilities. There’s a potential drawback to that though. Let’s look at weight loss Goals. Seems like most everyone can stand to use a few pounds. Some of us are working toward it and others aren’t.

When we’re working on our weight loss Goals, we tend to measure everything. Can’t track and manage something if you don’t measure it after all. We get excited when the scale shows a loss. It makes us want to weigh ourselves every day to see how far we’ve gotten. That can be dangerous for someone working on their weight. Our scales aren’t going to show a loss every single day, and when they do, the loss might be very small that day. Weight fluctuates as part of our normal weekly routine. It depends a lot on what we’ve done to burn calories, what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat. Plus there are other factors such as our natural metabolism, the nutrients in our food, the amount of water we drink and so on.

It’s not uncommon to do a lot of work on our Goals and then not see any, or little, progress immediately. Some Goals take a massive sustained effort to get things in motion. Weight loss can be the same way. We can also hit plateaus where the same effort isn’t producing the same results anymore. That might be a natural result of the plan you’re following for a particular Goal. In weight loss, it can be baffling as out bodies adjust to new levels of activity and food. There are plenty of resources to combat that and keep you from stalling out, so I won’t dwell on those.

Our problem when this happens is that we get focused on incremental results that we think we should see daily. That’s just not always possible. When we don’t see them, we can start to fixate on that one thing. We start trying to force things so we can get that little win and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. When this happens, we get off our plan. We try shortcuts and tricks. For a weight loss Goal, this can be disastrous. It can derail all your efforts by doing harm to your body through crash dieting, super fasting, starvation dieting and so on. It can also derail you emotionally. It’s depressing to see progress stop suddenly or even go backwards when you’re still doing the same things as before.

Don’t let that get you down. It’s natural, and it will pass. We can’t measure Success on a Goal by small, incremental steps. They measure progress on a small scale. The larger scale is more important at these times. A better question at these times is what’s the trend for the weight loss? Are we trending down overall, starting to go back up or just in neutral? Anything that starts to stick for the long term like a rise in weight or a leveling only then becomes an issue to resolve. That’s true for all Goals, not just weight loss. Daily measuring is good, as long as it doesn’t make you lose sight of the long-term progress towards your Goal.

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